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Date: 11th April 2023

Status: Immediate Release

Rain Dance Colour Festival's Elements: A Positive, Colourful Festival

On the 18th March 2023, Rain Dance Colour Festival’s Elements, a global celebration of music, nature and wellbeing through Holi, also known as the festival of colours, took place in Chorlton Park. 


Elements was a huge success with a great turn out! People were covered head to toe in an array of colours, dancing and playing around with their friends, family and people they had just met. With amazing mixes and hits played by our global DJ’s, this brought the people rushing into the crowd to dance and play with the colour, joined with our talented Saxophone player, Miranda, keeping spirits high and the party going.

We received an array of comments and positive feedback from everyone that came to Elements. People praised Elements for being ‘a great chance for people to get out of the house and live in the moment, and not on social media’. People also spoke highly about the impact that Elements has on their mental health and wellbeing saying ‘it’s a lot of fun because when we talk about mental health we always think of it in a negative way but in an event like this, I think everyone can just let loose a bit and take the message in a more positive manner’.

Rain Dance Colour are raising awareness and funds for mental health and wellbeing charities including Manchester Mind and the British Asian Trust. Element’s wellbeing hut had an amazing Sound healer who works with crystal bowls using tones and vibrations to improve your wellbeing. We appreciate any support in raising awareness for mental health and wellbeing charities and would like to direct you to our donation page on our website

Following Rain Dance Colour Festival’s Elements on Saturday 18th March, BBC Radio Manchester interviewed our Executive Creative Producer to discuss all things Rain Dance Colour Festival, Elements, and future projects lined up for the course of this year.

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Rain Dance Colour Festival’s Elements is back for the Summer, celebrating the start of Summer and the end of exams!

Join us for Elements Summer Splash, 17th June 2023!

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