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The RDCF Foundation

Rain Dance Colour Festival is raising funds for better mental health & wellbeing through the arts and will be donating the proceeds to our charity partners including Manchester Mind, British Asian Trust and RDCF Foundation

Rain Dance Colour Festival (RDCF), annual programme, including Elements, Motion Valley, Global Countdown and Raise the Roof using a combination of Film, Theatre, Music, and Dance to celebrate community, and promote mental health and wellbeing to new audiences from all walks of life across the UK and beyond.

Rain Dance Colour Festival (RDCF) Foundation exists to raise awareness for mental health and wellbeing, promote diversity, protect nature, and celebrate wildlife through the arts. RDCF Foundation recognises the power of art in bringing people together, raising awareness and promoting positive change.  


RDCF Foundation focus on promoting mental health and wellbeing which is particularly important in today’s world, where mental health issues are increasingly prevalent. RDCF aims to raise awareness of mental health and destigmatise mental illness, providing resources and support to those who may be struggling or reach out.  


Celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity are also important goals for the RDCF Foundation, working towards a more equitable and just society by valuing diverse perspectives and experiences.  


Alongside the above, RDCF Foundation recognises the importance of protecting nature and celebrating wildlife, particularly as we are facing a growing climate crisis and biodiversity loss.  


Overall, Rain Dance Colour Festival Foundation exists to use the power of the arts to promote positive change, celebrate community, and build a better future for all.  

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